Training trainers 


By the end of this program participants will be able to: 

  • Identify elements of LCT (Learner Centered Training) 

  • Select appropriate learning Methodologies. 

  • Deliver a LCT session. 

  • Use different types of assessment. 

  • Evaluate and improve own practice. 

Program’s outline:  

  • Identifying LCT. 

  • Learning domains: Cognitive, Affective & Psychomotor. 

  • Learner’s population. 

  • Planning and designing the learning program. 

  • Facilitating non-traditional learning methodologies. 

  • Identifying learner’s gaps. 

  • Assessing learners’ progress. 

  • Evaluating & improving program and own practice. 

  • LCT projects & Feedback. 

Pre-requisites: An open mind and the motivation to learn.
Duration: Five days

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