Simple planning, Great results 


By the end of this program, staff will have clear insights on how to; break any goal into manageable tasks, focus & Increase their efficiency & accuracy in minimal time. 

The course is both participative and practical; participants learn in an active way through; simulations, discussions and presentations. 
This learning-by-doing approach is supported by guidance from the trainer. 
Participants are also given individual attention by the trainer to help diagnose aspects which are of particular significance to themselves. 

Workshop outline: 

  • Setting plans and goals.  

  • Quality focused approach in using work time to achieve optimum calls and sales. 

  • Business commitments and professional handling of clients. 

  • Persuasive written and telecommunication. 

  • Simple motivation. 

Pre-requisites: An open mind and the motivation to learn.
Duration: Two days

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