By the end of this program, managers and team leaders will improve their leading and managing skills in transitional and changing times through understanding the following : 

  • Scientific nature and process of transition. 

  • Scientific nature of the human mind. 

  • Overcoming the immunity to transitions individually and collectively.


The course is both participative and practical; participants learn in an active way through discussions, role plays, questions, simulations and exercises (both outdoor and/or indoor). This learning-by-doing approach is supported by guidance from the trainer. Participants are also given individual attention by the trainer to help diagnose aspects which are of particular significance to themselves. 

Training program outline: 

  • Content of the human mind. 

  • Changing minds indirectly. 

  • Changing minds in a formal work setting. 

  • Changing one’s own mind. 

  • Diagnosing and overcoming collective and individual immunity to change. 

  • Followership competency. 

  • Understanding future surprises and human bias in followership. 

Pre-requisites: An open mind and the motivation to learn.
Duration: Two days

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