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Google's advertising products are essential for any business to reach customers. Our Google AdWords training is an intensive course designed to equip individuals with proficient marketing
skills on the AdWords platform. Taught by Instructors who are experts in the field, you and your team will not only master fundamental skills within the AdWords platform but gain experience analyzing returns and optimizing campaigns.


Create an Impactful AdWords Campaign
Drive online traffic through the creation and analysis of a targeted campaign based on user behavior, language, and search engine mechanics.
Effectively Manage Campaigns
Learn how to structure your campaigns and utilize the diverse tools available within the AdWords platform.
Maximize Performance Through Insights
Leverage data to gain actionable insights that improve your campaign performance and keep pace with changing dynamics.
Scale Campaigns Efficiently
Use AdWords Editor to manage campaigns more effectively, with tools including change testing, change indexing, and bulk editing.

What to expect:

  • AdWords Foundations and Fundamentals

  • Keyword Research and Ad Features

  • Optimization and Tools

  • Google Analytics

  • Discover all types of digital advertising channels and their main categories.

  • Understand how to write the perfect digital media plan.

  • Select the perfect targeted portals, ad sizes, formats, and pricing models.

  • Understand digital advertising campaign traffic reports.

  • Understand the essentials of ad design and its main component of the ad and call to action.

  • Understand the main applications of Google Ads (Search, GDN, Youtube).

  • Learn the Standards/ Guidelines of ad design, targeting, budgeting, and bidding.

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