Coaching and Mentoring Psychology 


 By the end of this program, Managers and supervisors will have clear insights and practical tools for giving their teams constructive feedback, coaching, mentoring and on the job training. They will gain more information and practice three quick executive coaching tools, together with developing an action plan to become better coaches and feedback givers. Participants will gain knowledge about ten different and challenging personalities and practice coaching them in different situations.

The course is both participative and practical; participants learn in an active way through discussions, role plays, questions, simulations and exercises. This learning-by-doing approach is supported by guidance from the trainer. Participants are also given individual attention by the trainer to help diagnose aspects which are of particular significance to themselves.

Workshop outline: 
• Constructive feedback • Coaching Concept • Difference between Coaching, Mentoring, On the Job Training • Coaching process • Coaching techniques for different purposes. • Ten challenging personality types. • Practice coaching techniques with challenging personalities and situations. • Mentor/Mentee relationship and challenges

Pre-requisites: An open mind and the motivation to learn.
Duration: Two days

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