The Growth Formula Topics 2019  

Opening Speech (Global vision of 2030 economic plan and the impact of business sector collaboration

The global economy is not divided into start-ups, corporations, and governments! We have one vision/common goal. Let's explore the areas of collaboration & exchange learning to have collectively a bigger impact on economic development

How does global economy support startups and how can startups utilize this support to deliver development KPIs?

Learn about the available support entities, the initiatives they support and the expectations from both sides for a healthy relationship

Governmental sector challenges and opportunities for business sector

Governments are facing many challenges that require sustainable solutions and addressing them might be a very interesting business opportunity. Get Inspired!

Being the CEO (the challenges and the learning)

Learn from seasoned CEOs sharing their best learning and how they stirred their organizations through tough situations

Growth Dynamics (running big operations and expansion)

The Growth phase sheds light on unicorn potentials yet its very challenging. It requires a lot of preparation to reach healthy sustainable growth. Learn from shared experiences at the top of mind list.

The Brand

Your brand should have enough equity and worth as much as you tech in the investment formula if not more. How to build a relevant brand and communicate to your target audience across channels

Data Worth and monetization

Data and CRM are the mines of today and the fortunes of tomorrow! Understand the new trends in data manipulation, how to approach data and how to develop monitization opportunities without harming consumer privacy


Managing financials is one of the biggest challenges that face all business sectors equally but startups in specific. This sector is addressing the challenges of: How to manage funds (the right strategy for pricing, budgeting, profitability and financial sheets, preparing for exit scenarios and re-investment options)

Venture capitals and investors panel

Learn about what investors are looking for, how do they value their investments, what are the sectors they are interested in? in addition to an open discussion to address your challenges and inquiries.

How did they make it (inspirational stories from across all business sectors)

Get Inspired by success stories of featured businesses who have made it to new horizons and big destinations.

Legal open Discussion

Talk to the experts about your inquiries, concerns and even dreams and listen to their expert opinion on how to tackle your biggest legal challenges. Because having an honest legal advisor helps your business future, critical business decisions and it also helps you save you money later

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