Business Psychology

By the end of this workshop, participants would learn:
1. The importance of personality psychology in the workplace.
2. Application of social psychology theories professionally and personally.
3. Assessment of real life situations causes and cures.

The course is both participative and practical; participants learn in an active way through; simulations,
discussions and role-plays.
This learning-by-doing approach is supported by guidance from the trainer.
Participants are also given individual attention by the trainer to help diagnose aspects which are of
particular significance to themselves.

Course outline:
 Who am I? Personality traits and personality assessments.
 Neuroscience of personality
 Intrapsychic foundations of personality.
 Regulation and motivation: Self-determination theory.
 Cognitive foundation of personality.
 Gender differences in the workplace.
 Resilience.
 Social problems at the workplace.
 Understanding ourselves in the workplace social context.
 How we understand other people in the workplace.
 Attitude and attitude change.
 Conformity, Obedience and influencing others.
 Interpersonal attraction
 Prosocial behavior at the workplace.
 Aggression at the workplace.
 Prejudice, cause and cures.

Pre-requisites: An open mind and the motivation to learn.
Duration: Three days

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